Central America

Wlecome to Central America! In this section you will find reviews of hotels and hostels that I visited and written about. Please select the country that you want to see the hotels.


Hotel Casa Duranta – Coban

In the city of Coban, in Guatemala, I found this 2 star hotel the Casa Duranta, beautiful from outside and good enough from inside as well. I found it very comfortable, peaceful and well equipped with traveling needs of all.

Iberostar Laguna Azul – Varadero

I had done some reading about Iberostar Laguna Azul resort before leaving and I had usual expectation about this Cuban resort but to my surprise it was a fabulous family vacation destination.

Fiesta Americana Condesa – Cancun

Mexican style and tradition, architecture and culture is featured through the atmosphere that is maintained here. Perfect for a family vacation, this hotel Fiesta Americana Condesa was a treat for my wife and I
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Casa Margarita – San Cristobal

Like I had heard about it, Casa margarita in the city of San Cristobal, in Mexico is very popular for its food delicacies. I had a finger licking good experience here when I travelled Mexico with my wife on a romantic vacation.
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Mezzanine – Tulum

Located on the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, this 4 star resort Mezzanine, is an amazing place to be when you are touring to Mexico.

El Pez – Tulum

Once in a while you get a chance to be there in a best of the best hotels when you are touring in any part of the world. On my trip to Mexico with my wife, last season, I was lucky enough to visit the city of Tulum and book a room at the 4 star resorts, Al Pez.
Playa Palms hotel - Playa Del Carmen

Playa Palms – Playa Del Carmen

Playa Palms, a four star hotel located in Playa Del Carmen, in Mexico is a delight place to be at during winters. Located on the main strip with beach front

Casa Papo y Niulvys – Vinealis

Casa Papo y Niulvys is a fantastic place to stay and its location makes it ideal to explore Vinealis. We had a great time sightseeing around and Niulvys is truly a great host.

Casa OsmaryAlberto – Trinidad

We found Casa OsmaryAlberto through the recommendation of a friend and what a great choice. Alberto picked us up from the bus station. Although me and my wife have been to Cuba and stayed at different towns and cities, this was by far the best we have every stayed.

Casa 1932 – Havana

Havana in Cuba is a crazy place, if you can you must go there. Casa 1932 as it name suggest is a casa with a lot of antiques. As you step inside you imidatly