You need to plan a packing list for your vacation that would make your tour a comfortable one. It might be anything from medical aid, the food stuff, some trek material, tents and accessories related to your camera, or anything. The packing list all depends on where and for how many days you want to go and with how many people. If you are going for a trek in some desserts or in a jungle, you need to have your tents and living stuff, the hunting accessories and everything with you.


The reason of your tour also is to be considered before you pack your bags. If you are going for a honeymoon tour, the luggage should be packed accordingly. If you are going for sightseeing or a trekking tour then your luggage should be packed accordingly. No matter where you plan to trip or tour around, you need to have a suitable packing list ready with you and add suitable stuff in the back accordingly. This will assure you a safe and fruitful and memorable trip for sure. You will definitely like to travel with all maps and travel guides along with in order to find out the location easily. Maps, some rout graphs, directions, and your cell phones with a GPRS will help for sure. No matter on what tour you are, you would like to carry your cameras and iPods for clicking some memories. Foreign language application in your cell phone will be always helpful to let you know where you are heading.


Other things that you can add in your vacation plan lists include the medical aids, band aids, pain killers, antibiotics, pills, creams, lubricants, and any prescription medicines. You cannot plan any vacation without any money and some documents. Cash and credit cards and your ATM cards are to be there in your money valets. Other things to add in the packing lists include the binoculars, keys, glue, luggage locks, sun glasses, sport gear, sun creams, cold creams, oils, alarm clock, umbrella and other stuff as per the season and locality that you are travelling at. Toiletries, bathroom accessories, bedding accessories, make-up kits, your tooth brush, soap, shaving kits, deodorant, perfumes, bathing suit, swimsuit, costumes and jewelry also might be packed. The packing list goes on and it depends on how much luggage you are willing to carry with self in your trip. You can carry lots of stuff if you are travelling in bigger groups. 

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