We had booked a room in advance with rates as affordable as $22.00 per person for each day. The rooms were decent but smaller than expected. But we liked the cleanliness around in the rooms as well as around the hotel. Located near the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan, in the San Pedro La Laguna town, this hotel is a delight to be with beautiful gardens around. The scene and the location, the people around and the atmosphere suited us. This hotel is located around the department of Solola and reaching there is simple with lots of transport facilities through road and water. We took a boat trip to this hotel, wherein we had a great time. We took a Lancha and reached the hotel in just 20 minutes.

Hotel Sakcari view from the balcony - San Pedro, Guatemala

We had a great time climbing around the Hotel Sakcari with Panaromic views that made the views worth watching. The guide that accompanied us throughout the climb was very nice to tell us some history of the place. We also enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear waters of Golden Beach. My wife had a great time with the local shopping, the horse rides and a thermal bath in the evening. As far as scenic views around the hotel, the safety and location itself is concerned, the hotel receives full marks from us. We never got tired from the travel and other activities as a sauna relaxed us in the evening. We tasted different foods from variety of hotels and restaurants, from around.

The hotel counts out with about 16 clean and nice, but a bit small rooms, with private bathrooms, beds, sauna, spa and other basic amenities. As far as the rates of the rooms in this hotel are concerned, they are a bit higher with what all is offered. The staff members were very nice and polite and assisted us to know more about some popular places to visit around. Safety was never a problem for us, as the people around the city were nice. Even though the rooms were a bit small, they were very clean and nicely arranged in advance. They even smelled fresh! Overall, Hotel Sakcari in San Pedro city of Guatemala is a nice place to be on your vacation, with its location being the best part of the package!


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