Yes, this is a nice place to be for a vacation in Guatemala, in any season. I give it a big ‘applauds’ for the location and the rooms! Located just around the corner of the city’s central park, this Posada de Don Rodrigo 3 star hotel is known for the surroundings, atmosphere around and the beautiful street areas around. We found it simple to reach by bus. The local markets and lots of restaurants and night clubs are very close to this hotel. As far as transport facility is concerned, I see no issues. I wanted to book a transport for some of the city’s popular tours like Volcano tour, Cannopy, Museums, and some others, but surprisinglyI had to do nothing special- All arrangements were made by the hotel staff with proper transportations to all these tourist spots around.

Cheers to the services and staff members as they were so nice to us! They assisted us to locate the best tourist places around and also cleaned the room for us at first. The room was very nice with all basic amenities being offered. Considering the superiority of the location, the rooms were well placed to offer us good location outside. The rooms portrayed some beautiful traditional colonial homes of Antigua. The interior design, furniture, fixtures, make-up of the walls and paintings that were hanged up were just amazing. The ambience of the room made us feel like at home. In all, there are around 41 rooms in this hotel and each of those, as we heard, was attached with some kind of historical uniqueness!


In our room we received great amenities and facilities like cable TV, tubs and light chimneys, telephone with a direct line with international calling facility and a high speed Wi-Fi internet connection. We could quickly get in touch with our friends at our home town and update them about out trips. They went crazy as well! Yes, we felt that the room was worth paying for. Especially because of all the amenities and services that were offered to us. Cleanliness was one of the important features that we noticed around in the rooms as well as around the hotel. We felt safe roaming at night! A nice place to visit if you are in Antigua, Guatemala!



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