It is because of its exclusive features that many other guests just like me visit this hotel all through the year. 


The Petit Theatre Bijou screens are the hotels own screens which each evening feature some of the most interesting films based on San Francisco. Popcorn is offered on complimentary basis to all guests when screenings of the films take place at the theaters. Besides popcorn even candy is offered to the guests to keep on snacking. Breakfast is also offered at the Hotel Bijou at a surcharge. 


At all the sixty five rooms for the guests the facility of the wireless internet is exclusively offered. Due to this I get to keep in touch with the outside world, communicate without incurring costs and also complete business related pending jobs. All the guestrooms are jewel toned and provided with names for movies that have been filmed at San Francisco. 


In the room there are a range of decorative accents of photos and stills of the historic movies of the city San Francisco. All the movie stills used for making the decorative accents are in original. I have access to a range of amenities and facilities at Hotel Bijou like access to the twenty four hour internet connection, the cable television, help desk, the voice mail, multi line telephone connections, desks for writing, smoke free rooms, and lots more. 


Twenty four hour room service is offered as well. Payment options offered at the hotel are easy and convenient. I am able to even take my pet dog when on a vacation to this San Francisco hotel called Hotel Bijou.  In the surrounding areas of this hotel are a number of dining options and restaurants including the Foley’s, Dottie’s True Blue Café,  Dudley’s Bar and Grill and Sakana.

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